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More than one artist shares this name:

1) A Norwegian black metal band, now known as Hades Almighty.
2) A thrash metal band from New Jersey
3) A death metal band from China
4) A Norwegian prog rock group
5) An English Holy Terror influenced hardcore band.
6) A Polish solo hip hop act of a HiFi Banda member
7) A minimal electronics/oldschool ebm group from Brazil
8) A hard rock/gohic rock band from Poland.


(1) Hades is a Norwegian band, founded in 1992 by Erstwhile Immortal guitarist Jorn Inge Tunsberg along with ex-Dark drummer Remi Read more on

Hades on Thrash Hits

Label Profile 002: Church of Fuck

November 19th, 2012

Church Of Fuck logo Thrash Hits

When we first heard of Church Of Fuck, we had a bit of chuckle. Then we looked at what kind of records they were releasing – dirty, ugly, crusty grind and metal, including several who we’ve raved about in the past – we stopped chuckling and just started grinning. A big, fat, these-bands-are-heavy-and-evil-and-we-love-it kind of grin. And once we’d gotten over that, we realised that Church Of Fuck was the perfect label for us to bring back out long, long, long-neglected Label Profile column. We dropped an line to Oliver Goodland, the man in charge, to get the inside story on the label so far…

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