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In times since long ago forgat
A band of bawdy bards did sing
And growl at all who pass'd to hear
Of warriors and kings

Two lutesmen in their number
A Baron and a Scot
A drumming Troll and preistly Scribe
Complete the tawdry lot

Hærken on Thrash Hits

Future Hits 117: Hærken

April 16th, 2012

Haerken logo thrash hits 2012 heavy metal folk pirate

From: Birmingham, UK
Lazy Equation: Death Metal + Folk + Costumes + Beard
URL: Facebook

Thrash Hits verdict: Fully committed to bringing us metal from the middle ages, Brummie Death/Folksters, Hærken don’t just dress like they’ve escaped from the Renaissance Fair, they bring alive Chaucer’s word in their interviews too. But far from being a one-note joke band, they back up their antics with some of the most solid and catchy riffing British Death Metal has to offer. So, brave pilgrim, will’st though take up thy sword and do battle with these heathens from the Mid Lands?

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