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Hell City Glamours

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These sexy show ponies, originally from Sydney's Northern beaches hit the scene in 2003 and rightly re-introduced loud arrogant party rock into a lack lustre and piss poor excuse for a music scene in Australia.

Characterised by high gain and fast blues based grooves these boys ooze style, even if their lead guitarist Mo could easily be mistaken for a midget.

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Album: Hell City Glamours – Hell City Glamours

October 8th, 2009

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Hell City Glamours
Hell City Glamours

Powerage Records
03 November 2009

by Jon Kerr

There was no such thing as grunge. You can’t walk down the high street these days for kids in white jeans. Having pointy hair and tattoos of Les Paul guitars and go-go girls dancing through fire is still cool and always has been. Or so Hell City Glamours would have you believe. Hmmm…let’s pop that little bubble for them, shall we…

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