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Future Hits 005: Holy Ghost Revival

July 29th, 2008

Tipped as a hit in the coming months and years, Holy Ghost Revival are pushing and pushing for the top. Emma Edmondson talks to singer Conor Kiley about just how far they’ll go.

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Ever heard of the one where you bring a glittery toilet seat as payment to get into a gig? No? Thought not. Well the Holy Ghost Revival have.

These purveyors of metal folklore recently relocated from Seattle to London town, a Vauxhall-based council flat to be precise, and decided to throw a boat party in celebration of the event while getting some fixtures and fittings for their humble new abode in the process.

Confused? Understandable. Lead singer Conor Kiley explains, “Before we even came here we were like we should do this show where the entrance fee is something for our house as we’ll probably need stuff and we can only bring so much baggage on the plane. So we were like we’ll do a show where we can get our household goods.” Gotcha.

Receiving an A to Z of goodies including toilet seat(s) and brush, a cactus, a
fur hat, some coat hangers, a flapjack, cushions and a pineapple,
the band’s plan well and truly worked. It sounds like the stuff was needed too – especially if their recent DIY antics are anything to go by.

Watch the video to ‘Embrace The Hate’ by Holy Ghost Revival

Conrad continues, “We spent two days of hard work like scrubbing and painting and peeling up the carpet and finding vomit stains.” Nice.

But chunder aside they sure ain’t no novelty guerrilla gig act. Frontman Conor (who is clearly at one with his inner Iggy Pop) controls the stage, hell, the entire room, with an Axl Rose python pelvis and in your face mantra that sees him canoodling with crowd members throughout the show.

Shimmying along to the rest of the band’s thick sweaty broth of teenage-revolution if you don’t believe the words he’s singing then you’re either deaf, deranged or weren’t ever young.

And with the rest of the band sounding like Guns N’ Roses bumming an extra odd and confrontational David Bowie in a scene from the Rocky Horror Picture Show this quintet’s music may not be the holy rawk incarnate but it’s definitely blessed, and everyone’s talking about it.

In fact they’re such hot property they’re almost radioactive. Get involved now.

‘Embrace The Hate’ by Holy Ghost Revival’ is out on 18 August 2008

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