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Honkeyfinger is a one man band.
He comes from Bethnal Green and plays skronk blues beast rock.
Stripped back and amped up - the sound of one heavy assed live band hotwired through one body.

Lapsteel twisted and fuzzed to hell like you never heard before, guttural screeching harmonica, a-rhythmic floor drum pounding, paraplegic beatbox looping, and wild dog howling is the Honkeyfinger way. . .

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Honkeyfinger on Thrash Hits

If you do one thing this weekend, go check out Honkeyfinger’s Greasy Noise

April 5th, 2013

Greasy Noise Thrash Hits

Some of you might remember the name Honkeyfinger from way, way back when he was the 25th entry in our Future Hits column. Well, he’s got together with some of his friends to create a new night of “face melting heavy swamp psych rock” by the name of Greasy Noise, the first of which kicks off on Saturday night right here in London.

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