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Hooded Menace is a Finnish death doom metal band formed in Joensuu in 2007 by guitarist Lasse Pyykkö, who had previously performed in a death metal band named Phlegethon.

The band kick started their career by recording a two-track demo titled The Eyeless Horde in 2007, which was released on 7" vinyl the following year. The band released their debut album, Fulfill the Curse, in 2008; followed by the highly acclaimed sophomore full-length album, Never Cross the Dead, in 2010. Read more on

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Live Evil Festival: it’s almost TOO metal

September 24th, 2010

You know sometimes something comes along that is so inherently metal, right down in its bones and blood and balls, that I feel inadequate even writing about it? Well, that’s how I feel about next months inaugural Live Evil Festival. It’s so damn heavy I think it might just drag The Underworld in Camden literally down into Hell,. [Read more →]

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