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Jane's Addiction was an influential alternative rock band from Los Angeles formed in 1986. The band's name refers to Jane Bainter, a now ex-heroin addict, who was a housemate of the band. The band dissolved in the early 1990s, and returned in the early 2000s, before breaking up yet again. The band was influenced by punk, gothic rock, metal, funk, hard rock, and psychedelic styles; lead singer Perry Farrell once described the band as a cross between Duke Ellington and Bad Brains. But then again he was also high quite a lot. Read more on

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Album: Jane’s Addiction – The Great Escape Artist

October 7th, 2011

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Jane’s Addiction
The Great Escape Artist
EMI Records
17 October 2011

by Dan Pelic

When asked to review The Great Escape Artist, I was also offered the supposed real reason for the band’s last-minute cancellation at Reading — Dave Navarro’s horror in taking the stage to a near-empty tent while the sonic atrocity that is The Strokes were performing on the main stage. Apparently, right then and there, Mr Perry Farrell’s vocal cords decided to give way not only for that evening, but their subsequent performance at Leeds. *sniff sniff*

I guess we’re obliged to forgive them since they’re rock stars?

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Nine Inch Nails / Jane’s Addiction tour adds two UK dates

April 12th, 2009

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You know when you get woken up by the smell of someone cooking bacon, and by the time you’ve lumped downstairs you find a plate of bacon rolls waiting for you? It’s awesome, isn’t it? Well, today we had a similar experience with Trent Reznor, only instead of free, pork-based breakfast treats, it was an email containing details of the pre-sale of tickets for two UK Summer arena shows. Mmmm, equally tasty.

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Xfm Rock Show: Must Try Harder

March 21st, 2009

Hugh Platt is very angry about a great many things. Most of the time, there is little rhyme or reason but this time, upon Ian Camfield’s return to the Xfm Rock Show, he’s got reasons at least.

Look at those cold dead eyes: it’s Ian Camfield from the Xfm Rock Show. He looks like he wants to eat you. Last Saturday, Camfield returned to host the Xfm Rock Show after a year-long stint at K-ROCK in New York.

During that time, Kerrang! scribe and self-confessed “relentlessly-upbeat-colourful-midget”, Katie Parsons, had helmed the Rock Show to new successes over the last 9 months, but the return of Camfield – prompted by K-ROCK’s decision to play nothing but classic rock – has seen her shunted off in favour of the returning Essex DJ.

Which, frankly, is fucking terrible news if you care even slightly about the quality of metal radio in the UK, because Ian Camfield’s Rock Show is a big pile of shit.

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