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There are three groups of artists with this name:

1) KISS, American rock band
2) Kiss, Korean pop trio → 키스 or K.I.S.S.
3) Kiss, Taiwanese girl group

1) KISS is an American hard rock band that formed in New York City, USA in 1973. The group has performed and recorded continuously since their formation. KISS has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and has been awarded 45 gold albums to date, and has certified sales of 19 million records in the U.S. Their latest album is 2012's 'Monster'. Read more on

KISS on Thrash Hits

Did Gene Simmons just accidentally leak a Download Festival line-up announcement? (Answer: Yes)

November 11th, 2014

From the KISS frontman’s personal Twitter account

Oh Gene.

This is probably why you shouldn’t let ageing rockstars setup their own pre-dated scheduled tweets. The offending tweet has since been deleted, but hey, nothing ever really gets deleted on the internet.


But of course.ThatsNotWhatTrolling-Means

Hmmmmmmm. Riiiiight.


Sunday Slaylist: We welcome our future mechanical overlords

May 11th, 2014

Robots With Guitars Thrash Hits

Seven years ago today, IBM’s chess-playing supercomputer Deep Blue defeated the then-world champion chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov in a series of six games. If we put on our tinfoil conspiracy-theorist hats, then this was the day that the slow and eventual machine takeover of humanity really begun. With that in mind, we’re taking a break from building our survival anti-Skynet bunker to put together this week’s Slaylist of future-fearing machine-war heavy metal.

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Sonisphere Festival confirms UK headliners as Queen (with Adam Lambert), Faith No More and KISS as part of 23 bands announced for Knebworth 2012

February 20th, 2012

Queen Brian May Adam Lambert Thrash Hits

Sonisphere Festival have confirmed Queen (with Adam Lambert), Faith No More, and KISS as the headliners for the UK leg of their European festival franchise. In addition to these three main stage headliners, Sonisphere have confirmed an additional twenty other acts for their 2012 UK incarnation, bringing the total of bands announced for Knebworth this summer up to 23.

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Who do you want to see headline the summer festivals in 2011?

November 18th, 2010

With Andy Copping Twittering about having “two Download headliners locked in” and Sonisphere’s people flyering at the Deftones gig in Brixton last night, the UK summer festival season of 2011 is well and truly under way.

But who’s gonna be headlining? That’s what everyone really cares about. Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden and Foo Fighters are all surely out of the festival picture seeing as they’ve got their own massive shows to sell but there are still plenty of options.

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Live: KISS @ Islington Academy, London – Tuesday, 02 March 2010

March 4th, 2010

What’s that you say? KISS? Playing to less than 800 people in London? Yep, and there was absolutely no way local longhair, Amit Sharma was going to miss the even that will one day be known as… KISSLINGTON.

When you think of seeing Kiss live, you probably envision four hairy men coated in make-up, singing songs about love and rock ‘n’ roll on a large arena stage. What you don’t expect is an ultra-intimate show at a venue you would normally go to see your mate’s band support some obscure European metallers with an indecipherable logo.

It’s hardly surprising that the 500 tickets available were snapped up within 60 seconds of being on sale and some ended up on eBay for stupid money. Im sure some die-hards out there wouldn’t have thought twice about splashing up to half a grand on seeing such a cult band in this surreal setting. You wouldn’t get this with Feeder now, would you?

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Album: Kiss – Sonic Boom

September 28th, 2009

kiss band promo photo 2009 thrash hits

Sonic Boom
05 October 2009

by Mark Eglinton

It always rings alarm bells when ageing bands that have struggled with recent form return with a promise to recreate to their “classic sound” after a long hiatus. More often than not, it backfires spectacularly and that possibility hung like a murky cloud over Sonic Boom from the very moment Paul Stanley blurted out that it was their “best record in 30 years”.

[


Download Festival 2008: our top ten moments

June 17th, 2008

After three days or heavy metal at Castle Donington for Download Festival 2008, Thrash Hits .com looks back on the weekend. Hugh Platt picks the most memorable moments.

Download Festival Crowd

Most Impressive Pit
Bleeding Through’s metalcore barrage managed to whip the mosh pit into a maelstrom, coaxing out a circle pit around the entire sound desk for new track, ‘Orange County Blonde and Blue’.

Most Bottled
“Oh shit, we’ve been set up,” cried Lethal Bizzle, after walking out into a hail of bottles not seen since the Daphne & Celeste Massacre of 2000. Bizzle countered this by shouting his own name, seemingly as many times as there were half-drunk cups of beer thrown in his direction.

Most Brutal
For sheer brain-and-ball-busting brutality, nothing came close to Ted Maul. From the moment they walked on surrounded by scantily-clad dancing girls, the London six-piece ripped into the Gibson Stage like a burning Panzer tank with a death metal penis cannon.

Biggest Cock-Up
It has to be Ginger from The Wildhearts for having the plug pulled seconds into set-closer ‘29x The Pain’. The frontman blew most of his bands’ slot joking with the crowd about the projectiles thrown at him.

Most Impressive Crowd
Despite a late-afternoon slot, drum’n’bass-types Pendulum drew a crowd big enough to shame many headline acts. Never mind that it sounded as dangerous a skinhead poodle, half the festival seemed to be at the second stage for their remix of ‘Voodoo People’.

Best Comeback
After the slowly diminishing returns of Sepultura and Soulfly, there were doubts about Cavalera Conspiracy. After a brace of Sepultura classics, a quick blast of Nailbomb, and a rendition of ‘Roots Bloody Roots’ as fierce as anything we’d been dreaming of during the years when Max performed it with his gang of hired hands, the Brazilians seemed a tribe reborn.

Biggest Surprise
With ‘Fuck Lostprophets’ t-shirts for sale on the merchandise stands, the Welshmen had a fight on their hands to show they deserved their headliner-status. When they closed the festival with a blistering ‘Burn Burn’ – literally, as the asymmetric fringes of the front rows were almost singed off by a rack of flamethrowers that probably cost more than their entire debut album took to record – the reaction they got proves that booking Lostprophets was money well spent.

Biggest Disappointment
Kid Rock being “too ill” to play, despite tabloid reports of the redneck partying in London the night before. And especially because his absence led to an extension of…

The Worst Performance
If ‘Mad’ David Draiman’s identikit-metal was half as dangerous as the Hannibal Lecter garb he dons for his stage entrance suggests, we might’ve been entertained, but Disturbed’s performance was as pedestrian as a lollipop lady’s day at work.

The Best Performance
This weekend, KISS stood head, shoulders, and ridiculous platform soles above everyone else. From ‘Deuce’ all the way to ‘Detroit Rock City’, from the tip of Gene Simmons’ monstrous tongue to end of the zip line Paul Stanley swung out over the crowd on during ‘Love Gun’, KISS backed up their claim to be the biggest live act of the planet with enough pyro for a Baghdad wake-up call.

Check out the rest of Thrash Hits .com‘s Download Festival 2008 coverage here, here and here.

Download Festival – Friday 13 June 2008: Interviews and photos

June 13th, 2008

Thrash Hits .com is at backstage at Download Festival 2008 getting all the latest gossip from as many bands as we can lay our hands on. Check out a few interviews and take a look at some great live photos below.

Download Festival Friday

Rival Schools – Ian Love
Download #1
What has been your Download 2008 highlight?
Getting my hair cut backstage and getting loads of free hair products.
Which band would you most like to share a hotel room with?
What bands have got females in? Rolo Tomassi are too young so… The Subways or Judas Priest. I like to experiment.

Rolo Tomassi – Ed
Download #1
Who are you looking forward to seeing?
Rival Schools. Several years ago myself and James, the keyboard player went to see them but it was raining so hard the venue was leaking so the gig was cancelled at the last minute, so we really want to see them.

The Ghost of a Thousand – Memby Jago
Download #4
What’s the most memorable Download 2008 experience
I got attacked by a bouncer for sneaking young girls in backstage. The sad thing was she was, and still is a lesbian.
Which band would you most like to share a hotel room with?
Motorhead because they might teach me a few lessons. Lessons in love, lessons in life.

Blackhole – Richard Carter
Download #1
What’s your Download 2008 highlight so far?
We got attacked by some guy last night shouting, “Municipal Waste will fuck you up!” They probably will.
Which band would you most like to share a hotel room with?
We’re actually all camping so we are getting the full experience, especially with all the aircraft. We’d probably like to share a hotel with Municipal Waste though haha.

Kill Hannah – Matt and Greg
Download #1
Which band would you most like to share a hotel room with?
I really want to see Pendulum but I recently saw Gene Simmons’ sex tape and it really turned me on. I want to find Gene Simmons because we would be able to make a sex tape with him.

Madina Lake – Matthew
Download #1
Which band would you most like to share a hotel room with?
We’re sharing a bus with Dillinger and that is really good for credibility [laughs]. We already had a conversation about shit and I told Greg that I got hit in the head with some shit when I was younger. Maybe it was him. Shit is really, really heavy.

Slaves To Gravity – Tom
Download #2
What’s your Download 2008 highlight so far?
Just driving around and around whilst attempting to get here, having a few Spinal Tap moments in the van.
Which band would you most like to share a hotel room with?
Are there any girl bands playing? Or we’ll take Kiss’ groupie scraps.

In Case Of Fire – Colin
Download #1
Which band would you most like to share a hotel room with?
We’d love to share a hotel room with Biffy Clyro because we’ve met them before and they’re really nice guys and a lot of fun and we got on well with them.

Stone Gods – Richie Edwards and Toby MacFarlaine
Download #loads
What’s your Download 2008 highlight so far?
Richie: Walking onstage and playing a gig was easily the best thing that’s happened today.
Toby: I can’t wait to get backstage to the free tattoo parlour – as soon as I finish talking about myself.
Which band would you most like to share a hotel room with?
Toby: Is there a heavy metal version of Girls Aloud…er.
Richie: Otherwise Judas Priest because they’re from just down the road from me in Birmingham so we can talk about all sorts of things.

Fall Of Troy – Thomas
Download #1
What’s the most memorable Download 2008 experience
It’s been a massive fight so far. We had loads of our gear stolen last night so we really took it out onstage today. It’s been nice to be able to tell my kids some day that we played with Motorhead and Kiss. Yeah, right!
Which band would you most like to share a hotel room with?
I’d like to share a hotel room with Incubus because we know those guys and we get along with them. We’ve got the same kind of West Coat vibe going on.