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Lou Reed (March 2, 1942 - October 27, 2013) was an American rock artist originally from Brooklyn, New York, USA. Especially while a member of the The Velvet Underground in the 1960s, Reed broke new ground for the rock genre in several important dimensions, introducing more mature and intellectual themes to what was then considered a largely simplistic genre of music.

In 1964 Reed moved to New York City and began working as an in-house songwriter for Pickwick Records. Read more on

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Thrash Hits’ WORST album of 2011

December 8th, 2011

2011 albums of year WORST thrash hits

It’s been an excellent year for great albums but it’s also been a hilarious year for pretty much one particular reason. Anyone who likes and follows heavy metal also follows and (probably) likes Metallica. Lulu happened and when the first reaction was puzzlement, the second reaction was laughter and the third reaction was anger, we were left confused, cold and abused in the corner. Not everyone thought Lulu was the worst album of 2011, but most of us did.

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Album: Lou Reed + Metallica aka Loutallica – Lulu

October 21st, 2011

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Lou Reed & Metallica aka Loutallica
Vertigo Records
31 October 2011

by Hugh Platt

The opening moments of Lulu certainly took me by surprise. Beginning with a surprisingly grandiose build-up, it’s not long before the wild guitar work of the album opener, ‘Hit The Lights’, heralds the arrival of a group of musicians clearly headed for big things. Following this up is the galloping pace of ‘The Four Horsemen’, which not only sets the tone for much of the album to come, but provides a sufficient platform for Kirk Hammett to display his admirable ability at making his six-string sing (even if it is over guitar lines plotted out by Dave Mustaine, the man he replaced). It’s countered nicely by the punkier approach adopted by ‘Motorbreath’, which…
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