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In early 2010 versatile musician Mark Jansen (Epica, After Forever) started a project together with keyboardist Jack Driessen (After Forever) and guitarist Sander Gommans (After Forever) to produce some heavy and technical death-metal combined with Jack's trademark symphonic arrangements. After writing some music together, Sander couldn't find the time to go for it anymore. Mark then asked guitarist Frank Schiphorst if he was interested in filling the gap. And he was. Read more on

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Future Hits 079: MaYaN

May 13th, 2011

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From: Reuver, The Netherlands
Lazy equation: Epica + Therion x Opeth
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Thrash Hits verdict:
A more-than-slightly mental project masterminded by Epica guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen playing crazy symphonic extremity and featuring many guests? Marvelous! Mark and guitarist Frank Schiphorst (also of Symmetry) kindly agreed to introduce us to their new project.

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Album: MaYaN – Quarterpast

May 12th, 2011

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Nuclear Blast
20 May 2011

by Tom Dare

Symphonics in metal have long-since ceased to be limited to the exceptionally evil (Emperor) and the excessively heroic (Blind Guardian et al) and ventures into the totally insane (Therion) aren’t unheard of in the modern era. But Marc Jansen of Epica’s new sideproject MaYaN is one of the most barking mad to have reared it’s twitching head for a while.

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