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Meshuggah, whose name is taken from the Hebrew and Yiddish word for “crazy”, is a five-piece band from Umeå, Sweden, founded in 1987. The band's style is most easily described as extreme/technical metal with some jazz influence. They use extended polymetric passages, polyrhythmic drum patterns, angular, dissonant guitar riffs, and harsh vocals. Their lineup has always been consistent, apart from bass which has been handled by many people since the band’s inception. Read more on

Meshuggah on Thrash Hits

Who are you looking forward to seeing the most at Download Festival 2009?

May 28th, 2009

download festival 2009 thrash hits donington

It’s almost time for Download Festival 2009. It’s only two weeks away, in fact and we’re getting rather excited. Soon it’ll be time to start looking at that schedule and figuring out what bands you want to see and which ones annoyingly clash.

We already know that Faith No More, Motley Crue and Meshuggah clash, but with FNM making what will surely be a triumphant return, there’s only going to be one winner of that contest.

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Eight more bands announced for Download Festival 2009

March 24th, 2009

download festival 2009 thrash hits donington

The latest download announcement is something of a mixed bag – on the plus side, we have confirmation of an appearance by the mighty Opeth, who are every bit as prog as Mastodon but without the burden of a million desperate hipsters trailing in their wake. Even better is the news that the tech-metal skills of Meshuggah will be returning to the UK to flip Donington Park on its head. The downside is Lawnmower Deth – a joke band that wasn’t even funny the first time around – have also been booked to play.

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