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There are at least 2 bands named Milk Teeth

1) Milk Teeth (often stylized as MILK TEETH) are a British punk band from Stroud, Gloucestershire, formed May 2013. The band consists of bassist and vocalist Becky Blomfield, guitarist Em Foster, and drummer Oli Holbrook. The band was signed to Hopeless Records in April 2015.

The band began producing music in early 2013, and released their first EP, Smiling Politely, independently in August 2013. After signing to Hopeless Read more on

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Sunday Slaylist: Download Festival 2014 – the bands you DON’T know

June 8th, 2014

Download 2014 Bands You Don't Know Thrash Hits

In one week’s time from when we write this, we will be at Download Festival 2014. For three whole days, we will join approximately 100,000 other rock fans to help turn Donington Park into the biggest weekend in the UK rock calendar. Last week our Slaylist tackled the big names on the bill, so this week we’re scaling it back a bit to take on the new guys, the weirdos, and the bands you just haven’t heard of.

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Future Hits 174: Milk Teeth

May 15th, 2014

Milk Teeth 2014 promo photo Thrash Hits

Milk Teeth
From: Bristol-via-Cheltenham/Dursley, UK
Lazy equation: (Pixies – the tedious infighting) x the darker side of Sub Pop Records
URLs: Facebook // Bandcamp // Venn Records

Every stupid revival trend is chock-a-block with poor copycats of the classics. We’ve all been through enough thrash revivals to be well aware of that fact. Right now the grassroots of UK rock are producing a massive groundswell of grunge nostalgia, and thankfully in amongst all the lank-haired student bands who’ve only just discovered Bikini Kill and Melvins, there are a few shining examples of great bands in there too. Chief among those is Milk Teeth, who’s punky, male/female vocal split take on the genre is a damn sight more engaging than the legions of moody recently-dumped young men ripping off Mudhoney riffs.  We caught up with the whole bleeding lot of them for our latest Future Hits interview.

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