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a) Mob Rules is a German power metal band.

b) Mob Rules are also a band from Leeds, UK, playing hardcore/power-violence. They have released a 7", The Donor, on Super-Fi Records and a split 7" with Crowd Control from Ireland. They do not have a Myspace page nor a website. They have just released their debut full-length record The Donor LP through Zandor and Grot Records.

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Mob Rules :: Ethnolution A.D.
“Sometimes the political events in this world catch up with you faster than you like Read more on

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EP: Mob Rules – Astral Hand

September 28th, 2009

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Mob Rules
Astral Hand EP
AFM Records
09 October 2009

by Jon Kerr

For those new to Mob Rules, this is a power metal band who left behind the fantasy-fiction imagery and now write songs about Lee Harvey Oswald and the Middle Eastern conflict. Pretty refreshing, we suppose.

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