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Moistboyz is a band founded by Mickey Melchiondo Jr. (guitar) and Guy Heller (vocals). In the spirit of Melchiondo's other group, Ween, the two have donned aliases. Melchiondo is known as the character Mickey Moist and Heller as Dickie Moist. Their music, like that of Ween, is often taken ironically by fans; some would even categorize them as comedy music, though they vehemently discourage this notion and argue that their entire purpose of the band is to support freedom of speech via rock n' roll music. Read more on

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Interview: Moistboyz – “Rock’n’roll is just a bunch of bands puking…”

December 7th, 2006

Mad, bad, and more than a little dangerous to know – Moistboyz may have started as a Ween side-project, but they were just too damn mean to stay out of the limelight. Hugh Platt was be scared witless by them as he interiewed frontman, Dickie Moist.

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You couldn’t say that Guy Heller, aka Dickie Moist, vocalist of Pennsylvania-via-New Mexico based Moistboyz, doesn’t live it like he preaches. It’s almost a cliché of Spinal Tap proportions today to hear bands talking about “sticking it to the man”, living for thrills and playing for kicks, but with IV, the bare facts named fourth record from these self-confessed “holdouts in a nation of pussies and jerk-offs”. With long-term collaborator and Ween guitarist, Mickey Melchiondo, Moistboyz have come to fuck your proverbial shit up.

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