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Nachtvorst was created in the winter of 2007 by Leopold and Erghal to compose emotional music, relying heavily on atmosphere. Nachtvorst embodies the attempt to use musical transgression to approach the vastness of the Kantian Sublime, not being constrained by the rules of any particular genre. The debut album Stills (2009), released by Black Devastation Records showed the first steps in blending genres to accomplish this atmosphere of darkness and mental dissonance. Read more on

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Album: Nachtvorst – Silence

May 14th, 2012

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14 May 2012

by Tom Dare

If the world has seemed like a beautiful, wonderful place recently – if you’ve had joy in your heart and a spring in your step, if you’ve been listening to the new Anathema album way too much and you just saved a bundle on your car insurance renewal – then the new Nachtvorst album, Silence, will fix that for you in short order. This is an album to prove why the world is an awful, hopeless realm of torment and misery.

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