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Combining melody and brutality, harmony and chaos, hope and despair, NEVERBORNE are rapidly bringing their own brand of adrenaline-soaked metal to the forefront of the underground scene. They effortlessly blend elements of Swedish melodeath outfits such as Nightrage and In Flames with the sounds of American giants like Unearth and Killswitch Engage, resulting in "powerful" music "that would sound at home coming straight out of Gothenburg" (Zero Tolerance magazine, July 09). Read more on

Neverborne on Thrash Hits

Future Hits 022: Neverborne

April 27th, 2009

Melodic Death metal – that’s something the Scandanavians have pretty much got licked, right? Some South Africans living in London disagree. Thrash Hits cornered Neverborne guitarist, Stuart Manicom, and began the interrogation.

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From: London, UK, via Johannesburg, South Africa
Sounds like: Soilwork, American Head Charge, In Flames

How did you meet?
Apart from our drummer, Dave [Andrews] (who we found on MySpace and who flew through the audition process), we’re all from a rather small suburb in Johannesburg where we had crossed paths growing up and even landed up playing in the same bands together. We lost contact for a few years, and it wasn’t until summer 2006 when the four of us bumped into each other at the Download Festival, however rather stupidly we didn’t even exchange numbers at that point. Another year past until we finally got together and I put forward the idea of starting a new band.

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