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There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Nomad is a raw punk act from New York City, USA.
They are influenced from ultradistorted Japanese hardcore. Link
Comprised of Perdition and Cervix folks. The band sticks to the essential elements of the noise punk formula and really do nothing to hide their worship of raw crust classics such as Confuse and Disclose and that's part of their very charm. Ultradistorted punk insanity.

2) Nomad is a house music duo from England, UK. Read more on

Nomad on Thrash Hits

If You Buy One Thing This Week: The House is Dead by Nomad

May 14th, 2014

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Things are a little closer to home with this week’s pick for If You Buy One Thing This Week – we’re going with London-based doom/sludge outfit Nomad’s new EP The House is Dead. It comes c/o our old friends at When Planets Collide, who have put out a fair number of tasty little limited-run sludge/stoner/doom releases like this since adding a record label to their already impressive record as gig promoters.

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