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There are multiple bands with the name Oaf:

1. A stoner/doom band from Melbourne.

2. A two-piece punk rock band from Brighton, UK featuring Metal Hammer scribe Dom Lawson.

3. A hardcore punk band from Vancouver B.C. Read more on

Oaf on Thrash Hits

Download Festival 2011 preview: the METAL picks

June 8th, 2011

Download festival 2011 logo dates donington park thrash hits

Obviously, we previewed the three headliners – they’re the ones that sell the tickets, after all – but there are some awesome bands on the undercard as well. There’s always moaning that there’s no metal at Download Festival. These people obviously haven’t or are unable to read the line-up. That means that they probably won’t read about these 12 metal bands either but here’s some metal anyway. Stick it up your arse!

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Album: Oaf – Botheration

July 13th, 2010

Surreal Estate Records
21 June 2010

by Tom Dare

‘Tiny when erect’. ‘I’m retarded’. ‘Giant ballbag’. ‘A euphemism for tits’. These are not the nicknames for the writers at Thrash Hits (well, not this week anyway) but song titles from the debut record from Oaf. If that does not get you interested, what will get your attention is the music. No matter how diverse your tastes, you have not heard the like of Botheration before.

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