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Old Skin

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1. Mysterious hardcore band from Manchester, UK.

2. Hardcore punk from Melbourne, Australia featuring ex members of Urgent Blood
playing fast punk/hardcore

3. Folk punk from St. Louis, Missouri.

4. Black/Death Metal from Seattle, WA.

Old Skin on Thrash Hits

If You Buy One Thing This Week: buy a ticket for Iced Out/Old Skin’s UK tour

February 18th, 2014

Old Skin 2013 promo photo by Dia Artio Thrash Hits

As with last week, this week’s If You Buy One Thing This Week isn’t about a record, but a tour that’s about to start that you absolutely positively cannot afford to miss. Iced Out and Old Skin are heading out tomorrow for a week-long jaunt around England, and given that most of the shows have just a £5 door price, you’d be an idiot to miss them. AN IDIOT.

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Future Hits 164: Old Skin

January 2nd, 2014

Old Skin 2013 promo photo by Dia Artio Thrash Hits

From: Manchester, UK
Lazy equation: (Deafheaven – black gloves/hipsterism) x the nastiest bits of Entombed
URL: Website // Facebook // BandCamp

Thrash Hits verdict: Manchester hasn’t exactly got a particularly notable pedigree when it comes to British metal – more often it’s been Birmingham and London that have spawned the UK’s biggest names in heavy music. In recent years though, Manchester has been seeing a powerful resurgence when it comes to underground sounds. As well as some of the best new indie labels (like Church of Fuck), and among the bands making waves there is Old Skin. Nameless, furious, and unrelenting, their debut EP MÆRE was one of 2013 under-appreciated gems.

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If You Buy One Thing This Week: Mære by Old Skin

October 28th, 2013

Old Skin 2013 promo photo by Dia Artio Thrash Hits

Old Skin tick an awful lot of the boxes for what we look for when picking a subject for If You Buy One Thing This Week. We’re already got them lined up for a Future Hits. The release in question is coming out on a a trio of labels we love, including one that’s been part of our Label Profile series. Most importantly, the songs on their EP, Mære, are an absolute treat – nasty d-beat mixed up with some bleak atmospherics.

Okay, so they’re doing that whole “wooo mysterious, who’s in the band?!?!” thing that is already so, so overplayed out, but like we said, this EP is bloody great.

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Download Church of Fuck’s superb pay-what-you-like label sampler

September 25th, 2013

Church Of Fuck 2013 Thrash Hits

We like Church Of Fuck. That’s why we featured them way back almost a year ago as part of our Label Profile series. They’re responsible for some seriously nasty, crusty, blackened evil sounding noise, and now they’ve only gone and put together a massive fourteen track label sampler that you can get your grubby mitts on for the entirely reasonable price of sod all.

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