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There are two bands named Omnium Gatherum.
1) Melodic death metal band from Finland.
2) Grindcore band from Australia.
1) Omnium Gatherum is a six-piece melodic death metal band from Kotka, Finland. Founded in the autumn of 1996. Although the band mainly follows the path of melodic death metal genre, the music created by the band, especially the later albums, has strong influences from the progressive death metal sub-genre.

After releasing four demos

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Album: Omnium Gatherum – New World Shadows

February 7th, 2011

Omnium Gatherum
New World Shadows
Lifeforce Records
07 February 2011

by Tom Dare

In the litany of bands that have failed to live up to the promise of their debut, Omnium Gatherum are perhaps one of the most glaring examples from the Noughties. Thankfully, alongside football pundits making sexist remarks within earshot of a microphone, Omnium Gatherum’s place on that list can now be firmly dumped in the bin of Noughties ideas best done away with. New World Shadows sees the band re-emerge as the force they hinted at nearly a decade ago.

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2008 into 2009: Omnium Gatherum

December 13th, 2008

Markus Vanhala from the self-proclaimed, “Finnish melodic death kings of metal”, Omnium Gatherum, is giving us some jibberjabber. We bloody love Finnish people. Perkele! Yksi olut! Kiitos! Other Finnish words!

omnium gatherum thrash hits

What was your highlight of 2008?
There were lots of highlights in our career in 2008 as Omnium Gatherum released our best work to date, the fourth album, The Redshift, which I’m still proud of and after already many months so that’s somethin’ new, haha. The album went Top 30 in Finland which was cool indeed and we also did great tours with Dark Tranquillity in UK and with Nile and Grave in Europe and a lots of good Finnish headlining gigs. Happy days, memorial nights and hangöveric [We don’t know why there’s an umlaut there either – Ed] mornings!

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