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Formed in the 1996 Onedice were just a group of like minded friends that wanted to vent some aggression through our mutual love of extreme music. In a small cramped basement in Bristol (UK) Onedice was born!

Originally a five piece they started writing a mix of hardcore, melodic, rap metal that managed to turn a few heads during early shows in their home town of Bristol. After a while they lost one of their guitar players, Darren Barratt and decided to stay as a four piece and that's when the later day Onedice started to take shape. Read more on

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Midweek Bootleg 005: onedice – ‘Laugh, Cry, Lose’ (single version + b-sides)

November 14th, 2012

This week we found ourselves digging through out record collection following a co-incidental request from one of Bristol’s most overlooked bands: onedice. We even ended up interviewing the band’s former frontman, David Malpass, about it.

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A couple of weeks ago, we saw a message on the official onedice Facebook page, asking if any of their fans had a copy of the ‘Laugh, Cry, Lose’ single that they wouldn’t mind uploading to Soundcloud, as the band themselves no longer had one. Well, thanks to the nerd, hoarding nature of Thrash Hits writers, we knew we had one lurking in our record collection somewhere, and we got digging.

Wait, back up a little – who are onedice, and why should you care?

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