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Outskirts of Infinity

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If you like your guitars loud, lyrics freaky and cd covers trippy then these guys are for you.
Fronted by axeman extreme Bari Watts the Infinity will take you to Mars, Venus and outside the Milky Way.
Influenced by Hendrix, Trower, Bolan and Marino each cd oozes vibe and psychedelia!!
Later Infinity releases even show a Pink Floyd influence.

Bari Watts has played with the Bevis Frond as well!! Read more on

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April 9th, 2010

It’s not often we say this – fuck, it’s probably the only time we’ve ever said it – but this weekend London is just Too Damn Metal. Not only are EyeHateGod playing at ULU tomorrow (Oh. Hells. Yes!), but the number of metal events going on this weekend that we actually want to go to (as opposed, y’know, to shitty clubnights full of children listening to shitty punk music) actually exceeds our ability to attend.

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