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Formed in late 2002 and hailing from the city of Oslo, Norway, Pantheon I is an extreme metal band that combines brutality, aggression and speed with heart-wrenching melancholy. Rather than resorting to the use of synths with string samples, the symphonic aspects of their music are highlighted by the use of the cello. The current line-up is composed of KVEBEK on guitar and vocals (DEN SAAKALDTE, ex-1349), SAGSTAD on guitar (TROLLFEST, SARKOM), T. Read more on

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Album: Pantheon I – Worlds I Create

July 16th, 2009

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Pantheon I
Worlds I Create
Candlelight Records
27 July 2009

by Tom Gibbons

Norwegian Black Metal – just three little words, but they provoke all manner of aberrant concepts. From corpse paint and shoulder-spikes, to goat-bothering and church burning, it’s Black Metal’s more furtive hobbies that cause scoff and scorn in equal measure. So does it matter when the new album from Pantheon I chooses to end with a Gandalf-esque bellowing of “The sight of Christ offends my eyes!”? Is it really necessary? Yes, of course it is. Don’t be stupid.

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2008 into 2009: Pantheon-I

December 15th, 2008

Norwegian black metallers, Pantheon I may well scare a couple of people, but they’re actually lovely chaps. Singer/guitarist, Andrè Kvebek took the time to chat about getting kicked in the balls and snogging porn stars. Hot.

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What was your highlight of 2008?
Touring with Mayhem.

What’s the worst thing that happened to you in 2008?
Getting kicked in the balls both physically and mentally.

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