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“Phyrexia are a huge shock. Mixing elements of Emperor, Death, Iced Earth and Rhapsody of Fire shouldn’t work, but instead, this strange mingling of styles (symphonic blackened power death, anyone?) is tremendously entertaining. They manage to unsettle – as black metal should – whilst remaining fun (essential to power metal) and making you feel like someone is punching you in the gut in the best traditions of death metal.” -Tom Dare, Read more on

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Live: Malefice @ Camden Underworld – 14 January 2011

February 8th, 2011

With a new, eagerly-awaited album on the way, Malefice came to Camden. Not being a *complete* cretin, Tom Dare went along to bear witness.

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By now, you should be aware of how stellar a live band Malefice are. So it’s absolutely no surprise that tonight, in front of their own crowd, they are suitably stunning. Familiarity does not mean we did not learn anything tonight, however. As well as terrible cases of metal neck, here’s what we took from tonight.

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Live: Viatrophy @ Camden Purple Turtle – Tuesday 6 April 2010

April 19th, 2010

You’ve probably heard by now that Viatrophy have decided to split up. Which is why Tom Dare made sure he caught the band’s last-ever London show.

It’s not always the best or most exciting bands who garner most attention and success. Viatrophy’s untimely demise and the manner in which London bids them farewell is hard evidence of this; one of the most inventive and brilliant bands to come out of this country in years is calling it a day after only one album, and their last ever date in the capital hardly draws enough people to be called a crowd.

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