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There is more than one known artist who once went under the name Pilgrim:

1. Pilgrim is a Doom metal band from Rhode Island.

2. Pilgrim is a Los Angeles based band consisting of lead singer and guitarist Xander Whistler, drummer Alex Takacs, trumpeter Seth Small, and guitarist Hank May. And Djavan sucks at writing these things.

3. Pilgrim is a Los Angeles/San Francisco/New York City-based Chicano DJ named Erick F.

4. Pilgrim is an underground Norwegian occult doom metal band. Read more on

Pilgrim on Thrash Hits

Album: Pilgrim – Misery Wizard

January 27th, 2012

Pilgrim by Angela Boatwright ( promo photo Thrash Hits

Misery Wizard
Poison Tongue/Metal Blade
14 February 2012

by Tom Dare

While music obviously needs bands capable of doing radically new, different things, it also needs bands that refine existing styles and add their own voice. Pilgrim fall into the latter category – they’re not going to spawn an entire new sound, but they are going to deafen, hypnotise and bewitch you in short order.

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