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There are at least two bands called PIST:

1. PIST - Stoner Rock from Manchester, UK
Formed in December 2013, PIST are moving at breakneck speed. The 4 piece riff merchants, from Greater Manchester, already have had the release of their 5 track EP 'Riffology' in their trail. Drummer Andy Hunt (MOLLY BLOOM) and singer Dave Rowlands have played together for over a decade, bringing into the fold Guitarist John Nicholson and Bassist Michael Collins (WORT) - the four members regularly jam over some beers and the riffs flow. Read more on

PIST on Thrash Hits

Future Hits 182: PIST

August 29th, 2014

PIST 2014 promo photo Thrash Hits

From: Manchester, UK
Lazy equation: Alabama Thunderpussy if they drank too much.
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As if their name wasn’t enough of a clue, Manchester’s PIST like drinking. It’s pretty much their favourite thing in the world. To be honest, we’re a little bit worried they like it too much, after giant massive Southern Rock-tinged groove-metal riffs. We saw them play the Unicorn in Camden earlier this year, and and we mean that in a really-real way, not in a make-light-of-potential-alcohol-abuse-issues-for-a-pithy-introduction-to-a-Future-Hits-interview. We caught up with guitarist John Nicholson.

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