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Poison Idea was formed in 1980 in Portland, OR by vocalist Jerry A. (aka Jerry Lang). The initial lineup consisted of Jerry A., Tom “Pig Champion” Roberts (guitar), Glen Estes (bass), and Dean Johnson (drums). Inspired by Black Flag and other early Southern California hardcore acts, they were further influenced by Discharge and Los Angeles's the Germs. Germs singer Darby Crash was a strong influence on singer Jerry A.—vocally, lyrically, and philosophically—was monumental, and Poison Idea followed the Germs’ extremist punk ethic. Read more on

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Sunday Slaylist: Poison Idea

January 15th, 2012

Poison Idea Slaylist Thrash Hits

One of the major downsides of running a music blog is the continuous and never-ending pressure to find and celebrate new music. Don’t get us wrong – there’s a hellaload of great new stuff coming out damn near every day – but sometimes it just gets so goddamn exhausting. Sometimes you just want to throw your hands up and listen to music that the power and influence of which is already cemented in the firmament of rock’n’roll. Sometimes you just want to listen to music guaranteed to make you want to smash stuff up.

This is where Poison Idea’s forthcoming re-releases come in.

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