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There are multiple artists called Polio.

1) Polio was the laptop-based offshoot of Peter Wright's solo drone projects between 2000-2003. It was originally conceived as a one-off recording for US label Freedom From, but expanded to eventually issue a total of four albums. The project's aim was to digitally recycle unused and rejected Peter Wright recordings using software and occasional live overdubs.

2) Polio is a heavy math rock band from Southampton, formed in 2011 Read more on

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Label Profile 006: Flatpack Recordings

July 2nd, 2013

Flatpack Recordings Thrash Hits

We put a lot of time and effort into our Future Hits column here at Thrash Hits. We don’t just churn it out and bung any old band we happen to stumble upon into it. So when a few bands from the same young(ish) label start appearing on our radar, then we know that label is one worth paying attention to. After both Polio and Bloody Mammals appeared in the column, we knew that Flatpack Recordings was one such label. We fired an email over to label head honcho,  James Moodie, to get the inside scoop on another of London’s up-and-coming labels.

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Future Hits 129: Polio

December 5th, 2012

Polio promo photo Thrash Hits

From: Southampton, UK.
Lazy equation: (Future Of The Left + throwing rotting pig heads against walls until they break) x spite
URL: Facebook / Twitter / Website

Thrash Hits verdict: “Hey man, have you ever heard if this band Polio before?” Why can’t more people email us about bands named after infectious childhood diseases? With our interest well and truly piqued (cheers, Thom), with two clicks of a mouse we were listening to some scratchy, snotty, howls-of-disgust-at-modern-living punk-rock sneer. We chased them down and got Polio to fill us in on what’s what via a Future Hits interrogation.

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