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Label Profile 002: Church of Fuck

November 19th, 2012

Church Of Fuck logo Thrash Hits

When we first heard of Church Of Fuck, we had a bit of chuckle. Then we looked at what kind of records they were releasing – dirty, ugly, crusty grind and metal, including several who we’ve raved about in the past – we stopped chuckling and just started grinning. A big, fat, these-bands-are-heavy-and-evil-and-we-love-it kind of grin. And once we’d gotten over that, we realised that Church Of Fuck was the perfect label for us to bring back out long, long, long-neglected Label Profile column. We dropped an line to Oliver Goodland, the man in charge, to get the inside story on the label so far…

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Future Hits 108: Prelude To The Hunt

January 19th, 2012

Prelude To The Hunt by Al Overdrive promo photo Thrash Hits

Prelude To The Hunt

From: Aberdeen, Scotland
Lazy equation: All Pigs Must Pie + Gaza x Charger = YES PLEASE.
URL: Facebook // Bandcamp

Thrash Hits Verdict: 
If we had to pick one set of set of people guaranteed to recommend good new bands for us to check out, then it’s people in other good new bands. That’s how we stumbled across Prelude To The Hunt – their name kept popping up in the mutual Facebook Likes of other bands we’ve previously highlighted in Future Hits. If people we like thought they were good, we owed it to ourselves to check them out – and boy, were we glad we did. Prelude To The Hunt are one of the fiercest things we’ve heard in an age. We caught up with the band’s guitarist, Scott Bowden, to get the inside story.

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