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Random Hand were a 4 piece punk band from Keighley West Yorkshire. Their sound fused influences from many genres, including ska, reggae, punk, metal, hip hop and dub. The band was typically associated with the punk scene due to its ethics and lyrical content. The main themes represented within the songs were usually of a social and/or political nature, which reflects the environment in which they were written. The band acquired a nationwide UK fan base and are renowned for their energetic live shows. Read more on

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The Month In Metal: May 2009

May 1st, 2009

Not sure what you should be getting up to in the next four weeks when you’re not dodging outbreaks of Swine Flu? Thrash Hits has some recommendations.

Slam Dunk Festival Thrash Hits

Sweet Drunken Bank Holidays ahoy! That’s what we like best about May – two four-day weeks, and two three-day weekends. They’re the perfect excuse to do even less work and spend even more time eating, drinking, listening, watching, and shoving metal into every orifice we’ve got going. We’ve picked 3 albums, 3 tours, and 3 events to help you select when, where and how you choose to stuff yours.

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