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Reign Supreme is a Hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA, comprised of ex-members of Blacklisted, Palehorse, Roundhouse NJ and Braindead. In 2006 they recorded a 4-song demo, which became the "Fuck The Weak" 7-inch released in 2007 on Rock Vegas Records. 2007 also saw the release of a 3-song vinyl on Dead By 23 Records. During their time with Malfunction/Deathwish they have released the "American Violence" EP in 2008 and their debut full length "Testing The Limits Of Infinite" in 2009. Read more on

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Album: Reign Supreme – Sky Burial

March 19th, 2013

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Reign Supreme
Sky Burial
Mediaskare Records
19 March 2013

by Ollie Connors

Until this point, you could easily be forgiven for not taking Reign Supreme completely seriously. A good friend of mine, despite being the wrong side of 30, spends countless nights watching what he likes to (very aptly) term “bad mosh” bands – the kind of clichéd, beatdown-heavy macho bullshit that gives hardcore a bad name – and this is everything Reign Supreme used to represent. Sure, it’s fun as hell, because you knew what you were listening to was completely base and trash – but, on the other hand, dem grooves, man. This, though, is a different beast altogether. The Philly quartet have pushed themselves beyond the limitations of their peers in acts like Trapped Under Ice and Cruel Hand, and moved into sixth gear on new mini-album Sky Burial, their first release since 2009 full-length Testing The Limits Of Infinite.

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