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RETOX is Brian Evans, Michael Crain (The Festival of Dead Deer, Dead Cross), and Justin Pearson (The Locust, All Leather, Some Girls, Swing Kids, Holy Molar, Head Wound City, Dead Cross, Planet B)

The band began in 2011, releasing the Retox 7” self-titled EP – a record marked by reckless speed and blistering defiance in heavy opposition to the ongoing afflictions of stupidity, laziness, and the general bullshit that occupies underactive minds Read more on

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Sunday Slaylist: The Best of 2013

December 29th, 2013

2013 AOTY Thrash Hits Albums of the Year

The end of the year is here. Pretty much everything that’s going to be released is now out, and barring any late breaking oh-my-God-is-that-actually-happening style news stories, 2013 is done and dusted. And with the convenient if entirely arbitrary transition from one year to the next a mere 48 hours away, we’re dedicating the final Sunday Spotify Slaylist of 2013 to the records that we loved the most this year.

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Thrash Hits Editors’ Albums of 2013 – Raziq Rauf + Hugh Platt

December 11th, 2013

Thrash Hits albums of 2013 Editors raziq rauf hugh platt

Due to the fact Raz and Hugh run things at Thrash Hits, their opinions are the most important. Yes there’s an overall TH Top 20 Albums of 2013 and there’s a list of the individual contributors’ favourite albums, but their opinions are also the most correct. That’s why they’ve got their own post where they can explain their own favourite albums of 2013 without being sullied by democracy.

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The Thrash Hits Cloudcast 001: Records of the year (so far) 2013

July 8th, 2013

Thrash Hits on Mixcloud

This week Raz and Hugh got together to talk about their favourite albums of 2013 so far, but rather than do it as a podcast where we can only talk about the music and not actually play any (because, y’know, licensing laws and all that), we figured we’d put our choices out there via Mixcloud, where we can mix our talk with loud music as much as we damn well please.

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Album: Retox – YPLL

May 15th, 2013

Retox 2013 promo photo Thrash Hits

Epitaph Records
27 May 2013

by Ollie Connors

Fresh from a rarer-than-rocking-horse-shit set of shows with former outfit The Locust, vocalist Justin Pearson gets back on the Retox wagon, with second full-length YPLL following on from their 2011 effort, Ugly Animals. The quartet have the same vein of frenetic energy as The Locust running through their music, but this is a far more concentrated, honed and incendiary approach to punk rock than Pearson’s be-costumed experi-mentalists could ever muster.

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Interview: Retox’s Justin Pearson discusses The Locust, All Leather, and just what rises From the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry

November 25th, 2011

Justin Pearson Retox Thrash Hits

Retox’s Justin Pearson walks it like he talks it. In addition to being a founder member of The Locust, he’s been in more bands than most bands have recorded albums. He runs a record label. He’s written a book. He could keep Santa Claus and his entire retinue of elves busy all year round if he ordered them to distribute the sheer number of f*cks he choose not to give. We caught up with him for a chat before Retox take on east London at CAMP Basement tonight.

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There is no better use of your Friday night than watching Retox, Tropics and Pettybone tearing East London’s tits off

November 24th, 2011

Retox promo photo no.1 Thrash Hits

What do you do when you’re a bona fide powerhouse in the world of grind, power violence and noisecore? When you’ve already assured your place in the genres’ histories thanks to your role in – among others – The LocustSome Girls, and All Leather? Well, the answer is that you go and keep forming new bands to blow people’s tits off in new and exciting ways. Such is the way of Retox, the current musical vehicle that Justin Pearson is using to batter audience’s braincells flat with – have a listen and see what we mean.

If you’ve got any braincells still working after that, then you’d be wise to get them along to CAMP Basement in East London tomorrow night, as the gig that Retox are playing there will surely finish the job.

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