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(This band is fine with being called either Reykjavík! or Reykjavik! - most people don't know how to make that funny little í thing anyway)
Reykjavík! got mangled in the scalding lava of Mt. Hekla 2000 years ago and thus learned how to express all of nature's beautiful emotions and landscapes perfectly perfectly through song.

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Reykjavik! on Thrash Hits

Reykjavik! wrote a song about the internet which sounds a bit like Pantera; made a video

December 8th, 2010

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You might remember that we went over to Reykjavik in October for Iceland Airwaves Festival 2010. We saw a band called Reykjavik!. They’re distinct from the name of the country’s capital because they put an exclamation mark on the end. Anyway, they wrote a song called ‘Internet’ and made a video about it in a bar that Damon Albarn from Blur spent so much money in once, they let him own a bit of it.

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