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Rosaline holds true to the consonant aggression and honest authenticity of the early 2000 melodic post hardcore movement. Their sounds, and more importantly their musical cognition are comparable to the undeniably impacting, harmonious and heart felt intensity of The Changing of Times, Full Collapse and The Satellite Years era. Concentrated musical thinking behind each song provides a glimmer of light shining through for fans of true, orchestrated Read more on

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Season’s Bleedings 2010-2011: Rosaline

December 31st, 2010

Even though he is one of those heathen vegetarian-types (all hail the meat!), Ryan Pulice, bass player for Chicago post-hardcore outfit Rosaline, also happens to be a Bill Murray fan. So he’s alright with us.

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I dont remember how old I was but I could swear that I saw a red light flying across the sky on Christmas Eve night when I was like 10.

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