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Royston (Brown Town), Hertfordshire. U.K.
Coming from a place more well known for it's heroin habits than local music scene, you could forgive these guys for being a little bit different to your average metal band. While most bands around the U.K. had some sort of blueprint to follow, Scar My Eyes sat back in a small youth centre in the depths of no-where and constructed a sound both heavy, and heartfelt.

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Scar My Eyes (and their peach fuzz) release video for ‘Hope In Silence’

May 25th, 2009

Scar My Eyes promo photo Thrash Hits

Look, it’s a commonly-held fact that facial hair = metal. Mastodon? Half the band have got giant bloody monster beards, Bill Kelliher’s got a porno-tache. Amon Amarth? Acres of the bloody stuff. Hertfordshire heavy-groove hardcore mob, Scar My Eyes, clearly recognise this fact, which is why they’ve tried to maximise the amount of beard in their new video. Unfortunately, some of the lads are a little bit on the bum-fluff side of things….

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