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1) Being able to operate completely outside the typical machinations of music - independent or otherwise Senator are going to carve out a sizeable niche in the sewage-infested gutters of underground rock & roll. After sending a demo tape to the infamous engineer and guitarist Steve Albini (ex-Just Ducky, Big Black, Rapeman) the legendary Nirvana producer invited the Scottish trio (Nick Middlemiss vocals/guitar, Tom Lee Bass, & Ross McLennan Drums) to his US electrical audio studios to produce their debut album "United Wire". Read more on

Senator on Thrash Hits

Future Hits 059: Senator

October 5th, 2010

From: Portsmouth
Sounds Like: If Converge got moody and started giving their venom a chunkier edge.

Thrash Hits verdict: We were playing Six Degrees of Separation with out MySpace friends the other day when we stumbled upon Portsmouth’s angriest export, the snarling tour de force that is Senator. In no time at all, we lined up bassist Tom Shenton and guitarist, Adam Birkbeck, to face up to our Future Hits interrogation.

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