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September Mourning

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September Mourning is a dark culture fantasy told through the heart and split spirit of a supernatural girl named September. Her story is an all encompassing, passionate experience that takes hold of the soul, only to be released when She deems it fit. In this world September's story lives on two planes of existence, speaking to the ears through song and performance while speaking to the eyes through graphic novels and other visual media. Upon Read more on

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Future Hits 042: September Mourning

September 11th, 2009

September Mourning have just finished touring in support of Marilyn Manson. Probably a good time to have a chinwag with their frontwoman, M Lazar, then isn’t it?
September Mourning promo photo Thrash Hits

From: New York, USA
Sounds like: Otep, Daisy Chainsaw, Rob Zombie less-grubby cousin

Thrash Hits verdict: When one of our compadrés stateside let slip he was working with Marilyn Manson’s opening act, our interest was piqued. Once we’d given their MySpace a good going over though, we upgraded our interet from merely ‘piqued’ to ‘bloody well grabbed round the gizard’. Expect big things from this lot in 2010….

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