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This five piece all residing from the London area, only formed late on in 2007 playing their first show in January of 2008. Since their arrival on the scene they have left a definite impression on anyone that has been lucky enough to catch them at one of their handful of shows.

Early on in 2008 the bands demo caught the attention of Martin bates of Xfm who then featured the band on his show, only weeks later Kerrang radio also had the band featured Read more on

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Valentine’s Day 2010: a show worth dumping your girlfriend for

January 18th, 2010

Valentine’s Day – some see it as a day for love, and a night best spent in the arms of your truly beloved. Others spend it sneering at everyone that over-spent on novelty tat for their boy/girlfriends, and then spend the evening in the pub laughing at all the couples bickering and fighting on the streets. For Thrash Hits it is neither – Valentine’s Day is the day we’re going to go throw the fuck down to The Ghost Of A Thousand in Camden Town.

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Future Hits 033: Shotgun Riot

May 26th, 2009

London hardcore troupe, Shotgun Riot have been making waves on the underground scene over the past few months so we decided to catch up with guitarist Tom Bauer to see what everyone’s about.

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From: Watford, UK
Sounds like: Every Time I Die, Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster

Thrash Hits verdict: They might sound more like they’re from the Deep South of America rather than the English Home Counties but let that deter you not. When the riffs are as tights as the ones that Shotgun Riot are making, it doesn’t matter what country the band is from.

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