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Sons of Noel and Adrian is a British experimental band based in Brighton, UK. One of the founding groups of the Willkommen Collective, the band is known for live performances with up to thirteen musicians on stage, all of whom play with many other bands.

Formed in 2007 by Jacob Richardson and Tom Cowan, the pair began writing together again in Brighton after having previously written and performed together in Burton-Upon-Trent. Having long shared a passion for rich Read more on

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Top 6: Shelsmusic – the rookie’s list

August 15th, 2013

shels floral logo mehdi safa thrash hits

What industry crisis? Cult progressive alt-metal label Shelsmusic just hit their 10th anniversary. How? As Alan Partridge once nearly said, the proof is in the pudding. And the pudding, in this case, is a backcatalogue. Thing is, a decade leaves a hell of a lot of intense post-metal and atmospheric folk  for a newbie to wade through. So when we caught up with Mehdi Safa, Shelsmusic commander-in-chief, we set him the following poser…

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Label Profile 005: Shelsmusic

May 27th, 2013

shels floral logo mehdi safa thrash hits

We’ve always had a soft spot for labels who think differently. Shelsmusic – born in the UK, bred in California – has made its name on atmosphere, from tremulous folk and consciousness-expanding walls of sound, to muscle-shredding, gut-pounding metal. Albums from artists as diverse as Black Sheep Wall and Ancients make regular dents our end of year top tens. In recent months, they’ve not only expanded into production, through their Purple Buffalo Studios, but to mark their 10th anniversary, they’re re-releasing Mahumodo’s cult record Waves on vinyl. High time to catch up with label head and *shels frontman Mehdi Safa, we reckoned…

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