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'Sons Of Seasons’ was founded in 2007, around January. Up to this point Oliver Palotai has always been an instrumentalist in bands that already existed way before he became a member. So what he finally needed was a melting point for all his skills, as player, composer and producer.

In January 2007 Oliver Palotai, Daniel Schild and Luca Princiotta were still members of Blaze, the band of Iron Maiden’s former singer Blaze Bayley. Disagreeing with Read more on

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Future Hits 032: Sons of Seasons

May 24th, 2009

What do you do when you can’t stand being in Blaze Bayley’s band, and playing keyboards in Kamelot isn’t enough anymore? Found Sons of Seasons, that’s what. Guitar/keyboard player, Oliver Palotai, was on hand to tell us more.

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From: Germany
Sounds like: Moonspell, Kamelot, Opeth

Thrash Hits verdict: There are detailed, scientifically-verified sociological reasons why continental Europe is the only place on Earth where symphonic power metal can flourish without sounding totally ridiculous. We’re not sure exactly what those reasons are, but we know there have to be some as there’s no way Sons Of Seasons could exist otherwise.

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