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Sound City Players is the collective name for the large group of muscians who collaborated with Dave Grohl to create the soundtrack for his documentary film Sound City. Read more on

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Live: Sound City Players @ London Kentish Town Forum – 19 February 2012

February 20th, 2013

sound city players dave grohl kentish town forum 2013

If it’s somehow passed you by, Sound City Players is the latest super-super-group led by Dave Grohl. Centred around the legendary Sound City Studio, the band brings together loads of the artists featured in the wonderful feature-length documentary written and directed by Grohl. That they are all playing live with a record for sale as well makes it a 360-degree experience. We saw the film, got the album and went to the gig. Here’s a review of the last bit.

Six things we learnt watching the Sound City Players in London

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