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Sunna is a British industrial rock/hard rock band whose debut, ONE MINUTE SCIENCE was released to commercial success on August 15, 2000. Follow-up, TWO MINUTE TERROR was released nearly ten years later on October 6, 2009. Third album, AFTER THE THIRD PIN, was released October 2011 and is available on to buy from

The band toured with A Perfect Circle during the year 2000, as well as The Smashing Pumpkins on their final European tour. Read more on

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Interview: Sunna – “I couldn’t give a fuck whether some record company bod thinks I’m too old”

October 23rd, 2009

Seven years ago Bristol Brit-Industrialists, Sunna, dropped off the face of the Earth – but now they’re back. Hugh Platt tracked down frontman Jon Harris for some answers.

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It was a series of happy online co-incidences that alerted us to the return of Sunna – a Twitter post here, leads to a blog entry there, and before we knew it we were firing off questions to Jon Harris about the band’s new album, Two Minute Terror. The band almost had the world at their feet in 2001, and then….nothing. Now they are back with a new record, we were dying to know just what the fuck had happened…

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