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Drawing members from the Scottish Grind, Crust and Hardcore scenes they formed in early 2010 with a view to sounding as claustrophobic, intense and violent as could be achieved, Sunsmasher immediately established themselves as a titanic live experience, playing amongst Grind and Hardcore bands, their confrontational Doom and Sludge noise-hell strikes a note at a fraction of the pace but thrice the heaviness. Coming across like a smash up of Iron Monkey Read more on

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If You Buy One Thing This Week: Hell/Noise/Church by Sunsmasher

March 4th, 2014

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As much as Facebook can be a giant, mewling, annoying feed of stupid game requests, pictures of other people’s pets/children/dinner, bad memes, and stupid social justice campaigns that couldn’t stop a determined toddler let alone an East African warlord, every now and again it throws up something good. Like the news that former Future Hits interviewees Sunsmasher have a brand spanking new EP out.

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Future Hits 086: Sunsmasher

August 18th, 2011

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From: Glasgow, UK
Lazy Equation: The howl at the end of history X big, f**k-off amplifiers
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Thrash Hits Verdict:
Being a bunch of soft lady-faced southerners, we sometimes get caught up in our ridiculous London bubble – you know, watching shit hipster hardcore bands where every band-member’s first tattoo was some ugly neck piece. You know what the perfect antidote to such limp malaise is? Turning our Future Hits-attentions northwards, where we come across the likes of Glasgow’s Sunsmasher. They make us weep just thinking about how much time we’ve spent not listening to their nasty, evil-sounding, unrepentingly loud metal. We caught up with Paul (the band don’t “do” surnames) from Sunsmasher inbetween bouts of cowardly sobbing.
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