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Athera (vocals)-Tjodalv (Drums)-Memnock (bass)-Cyrus (Guitar)-Elvorn (Guitar)

Susperia may have their roots in Norway’s black metal scene, but that is merely a starting point for a band that describes their music as “extreme metal with melodic twists”. Their simple philosophy of “no boundaries” – as reflected on the album ‘Unlimited’ – demonstrates how Susperia have no hesitation in embracing and exploring a variety of musical avenues with ease. Read more on

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POLL: How drunk will we get if Susperia qualify for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest?

November 30th, 2010

Hugh Platt has a strange relationship with Eurovision and metal; he once high-five’d two members of Lordi in the toilets at the Metal Hammer Awards. Wonder how he took the news that Susperia are throwing their hat into the ring?

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Blackly-tinged Norwegian thrashy types, Susperia, have decided they want to represent Norway at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest – so much so that they’ve hooked up with former-Dimmu Borgir (and, truth be told, former-Susperia) keyboard tinkler, Mustis, to write a song that that will appeal enough to the Norwegian public to choose them to represent them at the Eurovision finals in Germany next May.

But does anyone, y’know, actually give a shit about metal sticking it’s dick in Eurovision’s gaping song-hole anymore?

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