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There are two bands that have been named Sworn In:

[1] Sworn In is an American metalcore band signed to Fearless Records. The Illinois quartet - composed of Tyler Dennen (Vocals), Eugene Kamlyuk (Guitar), Derek Bolman (Bass) and Christopher George (Drums) - cultivates a strong concoction of abrasive, angry music and raw, unfiltered emotional honesty. Their debut album 'The Death Card' was released in 2013. Their second album 'The Lovers / The Devil' was released in 2015. Read more on

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Nu Metalcore is definitely happening. Why?

September 19th, 2013

There’s a new (nu?) trend afoot in the world of emerging metalcore bands and that trend is similar in its makeup to nu metal when it came out. Instead of chug heavy riffs, we start with metalcore and instead of rap, we have RnB. Gavin Lloyd grew up with nu metal. Is this new trend as worthy or original, though? Hmmm…

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I grew up during nu metal’s heyday and the likes of Limp Bizkit and Slipknot went a long way towards shaping my taste in music and making me the metal-loving scamp I am today. Nu metal was huge and had a mainstream crossover appeal that hasn’t been seen since in terms of heavy music.

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