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There are two bands with the name T-34:
(1) T-34 (Т-34) is a pop punk / punk rock band from Rybinsk, Russia. Formed in 2001 the band has released two albums:

2003 - Bashnyu sorvalo
2004 - Stan' zvezdoy (Become a star)

Official website

(2) T-34 (T-34) is a Panzer-Punk (Tank-Punk) band from Hanover/Germany with members of xawara, November 13th, cave canem.

Homepage & Contact: T-34 Myspace Site

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Download Festival announces 14 new bands; pub talk reveals 1 more?

April 21st, 2010

Download Festival has announced Suicidal Tendencies, Skin (the band or the woman? We don’t really know – or for that matter care), Genitorturers, Killing For Company, Godsized, Max Raptor, The Morning After, Ben Poole, Funeral Party, Imicus, The Humour, The Dead Lay Waiting, T-34 and esOterica have all been added to their line-up for Donington this summer. About half of those bands will be playing on The Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage (aka The Tiny Shitty Fourth Stage), which is hardly surprising considering most of them are A) tiny, and B) shitty.

Apparently The Plight are confirmed for the festival as well. We got that little tidbit in a pub last weekend though when we were a fair few pints in, rather than cribbing it off a press release, so who knows if that’s legit or not?