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The Haarp Machine

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The HAARP Machine is an English progressive metal band from London, England that formed in 2007 as a creative outlet for guitarist Al Mu'min. They are currently signed to Sumerian Records. They released their debut album Disclosure on 15th October, 2012 and were announced to be supporting The Faceless and Revocation on the 2012 "Deconsecrate the Nation" tour.

Band members:

Al Mu'min - Guitar, Sitar, Koto

Previous members:

Mike Semesky - Vocals

The Haarp Machine on Thrash Hits

Future Hits 168: Intervals

February 24th, 2014

Intervals promo photo Thrash Hits

From: Toronto, Canada
Lazy equation: The Haarp Machine + Skyharbor (literally) x even more progressive tendencies
URL: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp

Thrash Hits verdict: It’s probably a bit of a misnomer to lumber Intervals with the unwieldy “supergroup” label. Sure, there are former members of The Haarp Machine and Skyharbour in it. Sure, everyone involved in the project is basically pretty damn brilliant at what they do. But “supergroup” is the ultimate millstone to hang around a band’s neck – it weighs them down before they’ve even gotten going. Let’s not lumber Intervals with it before their debut album drops. We caught up with band founder and overall lynchpin, guitarist Aaron Marshall, to go through our Future Hits interrogation before that dreadful day arrives.

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