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The Phantom Carriage

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There are 2 artists with this name:

1. Experimental project from Mike Seed & Simon Pott. [1994-Present]
2. Experimental black metal/screamo from France. [2010-Present]

1. The Phantom Carriage is an experimental project by Manx musicians Mike Seed and Simon Pott (both also in the band The Chasms).
The Phantom Carriage mix ambient, vocal, acoustic, folk, and electronic elements into an eclectic and original result.

Three albums have been released thus far: Late Comers (2005 Read more on

The Phantom Carriage on Thrash Hits

Label Profile 008: Pest Productions

October 30th, 2013

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Ever since Tom Dare swanned out of our lives and back into the editorial fold over at Terrorizer, we’ve had a bit of a black metal-shaped hole in our coverage here at Thrash Hits. That’s why we asked prolific scribe Cheryl Carter, she of Metal Hammer magazine, Cvlt Nation, Scene Point Blank, and her own website, Bleak Metal, if she fancied writing a few words for us on a black metal topic of her choice…

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