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The Wildhearts (formed in 1989) are a rock group from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. The band's sound is a mixture of hard rock and melodic pop; punk metal with as much attention given to melody and songcraft as the high density of riffs, having been touted in the music press as combining influences as diverse as The Beatles and Metallica. The band split due to drug issues in 1997, coming together again in 2001 with the original Earth vs the Wildhearts lineup. Read more on

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Why does Ginger Wildheart care so much about Kerrang!?

July 30th, 2013

hey hello Victoria Liedtke Ginger Wildheart promo photo wildhearts 2013 kerrang

Sunday evening saw Ginger from The Wildhearts get to #1 in the UK Rock Charts with his new band, Hey! Hello!. That’s a pretty big deal but instead of celebrating his success, the ever-outspoken Ginger chose to take to Twitter to berate Kerrang! for not featuring his band, even going so far as to call for James McMahon’s resignation as editor of the magazine.

It stems from an apparent rejection from the magazine but descends into trolling at best; bullying at worst. At the heart of the issue is a man who loves a brand but hates what he thinks they’ve become. Kerrang!, whether it likes or believes it, covers music for a younger demographic than it used to and youth is always sneered at and looked down upon. Without that, teenage angst wouldn’t exist and neither, probably, would Kerrang!. Hey! Hello! (who are now added to the list of annoying names when writing a Word document that automatically capitalises the first letter after a punctuation mark) feel that the magazine should change to fit them in.

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Sonisphere Festival 2009: Interviews, Photos, Setlists, Gossip – it’s all here

August 1st, 2009

sonisphere logo large kilimanjaro thrash hits festival

After making our first ever splash page at Download Festival 2009, we thought we’d do another with the inaugural Sonisphere Festival 2009. We’re here at Knebworth for two days and we’re going to be interviewing, photographing and generally just looking at bands all weekend. We’ll make stuff too. Come and look at it all.

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Photos: The Wildhearts & A @ Sheffield Academy – 03 December 2008

December 13th, 2008

While The Wildhearts may not have had such a great time when they headlined London Kentish Town Forum on 10 December 2008, things were much different and much better one week earlier.

Gary Wolstenholme was at Sheffield Academy near the start of the tour to see the cosmopolitan rockers onstage, ably supported by the recently reformed, A. Or is it ‘A’? I dunno. Check out the gallery.

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The 2009 Premier League vs Thrash Hits XX – Part 2

August 15th, 2008

With the football season fast approaching, Gareth Dobson takes it upon himself to ponder the numerous parallels between the English Premier League’s finest and the rock world’s… finest. Some bands might call it soccer.

Premier League logo thrash hits

Following on from Part 1, quite naturally, is The 2009 Premier League vs Thrash Hits XX – Part 2.

We are mere hours from kick-off now so forget about leaving the house tomorrow afternoon. There’s footy to watch. Forget about staying down the pub. You’ve got Match of the Day to watch.

To celebrate, Thrash Hits .com has decided to pair up its favourite rock bands with this seasons title contenders, ne’er do wells and downright doomed.

Don’t have any sporting affiliation? Now with our handy rock-u-like comparison feature, you can choose next season’s sporting protégés by attachment to your preferred guitar heroes.

Bullet For My Valentine
History: Fervently supported collective from the regions, boasting a proud working class following. Probably over-idealised by many, they have a recently history of threatening to dominate but ultimately falling short.
Form: Mixed times right now. The strong critical backing they received earlier on has receeded to be replaced by murmurs of doubt over their top-class credentials. Much money has been poured into recent campaigns to dent the upper echelons, but no-one’s confident it’s been well-spent. Despite being viewed by fans as quite the god-head, their main man’s occasionally irrational outburst has dropped them into the soup before.
You are… Newcastle United FC

The Subways
History: Initially bursting out of nowhere to make a big impact, claiming some big prizes on arrival. Then it all went wrong as they struggled to cope with the success, but now on an even keel. Critics are disdainful of their meat and potato style, others however, are fans of their typically English, 100 mph energy and efforts.
Form: Struggling a little bit with some big internal changes, there’s rumours of fractured relationships within the camp as the group attempt to match recent successes. Not easy thing given that many think they’ve over-achieved.
You are… Blackburn Rovers FC

didier drogba mike shinoda chelsea linkin park thrash hits

Linkin Park
History: Emerging in the late 90’s as an aspiring global force, Linkin Park have always had to deal with suspicion and wrinkled noses. Fortunately for them, the huge amounts of cash flowing through their accounts makes them essentially bulletproof. Would dearly love to be loved, but will settle for playing to the biggest crowds forever.
Form: After a crushing run that saw them clean up for a protracted period of time, they’ve stumbled by their own high standards recently. However, word of a new approach to their game offers hope that they’ll evolve into something more enjoyable. Critics are waiting for proof though.
You are… Chelsea FC

History: To the surprise of most onlookers, the outfit from Massachusetts have been around the big leagues since the turn of the decade. Backed for success thanks to some influential friends, they’ve held an elevated position many thought would never be possible, despite being dwarfed by their more esteemed rivals and neighbours.
Form: Mixed of late, many believe the cracks are beginning to show. A lot of money has been spent on the latest product, but it’s hard to see how it will succeed in the face of more adept and ultimately, superior rivals in the same division.
You are… Fulham FC

The Wildhearts
History: Who would be a fan of this neanderthal lot? Doomed to traverse the nether regions of the circuit, any success disappeared a long time ago. To be honest, no-one’s particularly sure how or why they’re even competing.
Form: Recently came back into the wider public eye thanks to a dogged climb out of their trough of ill-fortune. Will struggle to stay afloat though, and people have forgotten about them before they’ve even re-started.
You are… Stoke City

paramore middlesbrough boro stewart downing hayley williams thrash hits

History: The reliance of youth is a brave world for some but folly for others. This sprightly bunch has achieved unparalleled success for their backwater region, thanks to the ardent backing of the men in the shadows. Clearly a strong desire to make this outfit a success, money has been poured in, but results have been decidedly mixed.
Form: Too adept to be dismissed, but not classy enough to really gun for the big time, the outfit seem to be riddled by image problems and exasperation at not receiving due credit. Strangely, their best performer comes under a lot of flak from the fans, partly due to speculation of their relationship with the rest of the team.
You are… Middlesbrough FC

History: Hardy perennials with solid regional support, theirs has always been a case of ploughing on throughout the ages with survival the main success in itself. Now however, this collection of aged pros seem to have peaked at an unlikely age. Surely the dream can’t last for long…
Form: Unprecedented success. Set to play to their biggest ever crowds and enjoy previously unheard of exposure – all thanks to a televised roulette wheel of fortune. Old enough and ugly enough to realise that this is their only and final shot at glory, and will enjoy their high-profile time in the sun that’s been a long time coming.
You are… Hull City FC

History: Well supported bunch with a good smattering of celebrity fans. Easy on the eye, it’s hard to spite this hard-working bunch. Certainly though, they don’t demand the adoration of neutrals either.
Form: Beyond the glory days, but still managing to spend occasional periods in the limelight. Tendency to chop and change core members and an inability to keep key men probably hampering them. Despite a modern aesthetic, still viewed by many as a kickback to older, staid times.
You are… West Bromwich Albion FC

kerry king glen johnson pompey portsmouth slayer thrash hits

History: Never particularly glamorous before, they nevertheless make a hell of a racket and their followers love getting stuck in. Now however, they’ve re-emerged as a reborn force. Particularly loved by the pundits, who seem to get rather dewey-eyed over them.
Form: Riding a new wave of glory and hitting the heights. Seemingly re-energised, they’re big draws doing pretty well indeed. Long-term fans might be getting a little wary of all these new fans emerging from everywhere though. They’ve stood by them through the lean years and are now enjoying the fruits of their faith.
You are… Portsmouth FC

Porcupine Tree
History: Without a doubt, not the most glamorous lot going, sometimes there’s a whiff of something slightly naff about it all, hinting back to another era, despite valiant attempts at modernising. Still though, a better bunch than many might give them credit for and astutely run.
Form: One of the more successful stories of recent times, their ascent has been slow but there’s no indication they’ll let it go to their heads. Hard work seems the attitude of the day, even if, with a constant revolving door of contributors, they might need benefit from a more settled line-up.
You are… Wigan Athletic FC

Agree with the bands the teams have beeen matched up to? Reckon you can do better? Thrash it out below.

Download Festival – Saturday 14 June 2008: Interviews and photos

June 14th, 2008

Thrash Hits .com is backstage at Download Festival 2008 getting all the latest gossip from as many bands as we can lay our hands on. Check out a few interviews and some great live photos below.

Download Festival Saturday

Saxon – Biff Byford
Download #3
What are you looking forward to the most at Download Festival 2008?
You always look forward to the gig and hope that people have a good time. To be a band that plays festivals, you have to try and get the audience to lose where they are; to really get into the band and have a good time.
What is your main aim when you’re playing a festival?
I don’t really think festivals are about promoting a new album or anything like that. It’s all about all the fans together having a great time and the band just playing some great fucking rock and roll.

Brigade – Will Simpson
Download #1
How’s Download Festival 2008 been for you so far?
We’re so looking forward to playing in front of so many people that we wouldn’t get the chance to play for normally. It’s a hell of an opportunity.
If you could share a hotel room with any band tonight who would you choose?
Fighting With Wire. Not in a homoerotic way. We’ve been out on tour with those boys and they’re just absolutely crazy. The antics that they pulled out were some of the finest tour pranks I’ve ever seen.

Sign – Zolberg
Download #2
What’s been your best Download Festival 2008 experience so far?
Seeing Kiss was pretty amazing with the zipline and the fire-breathing. He was spitting blood.
If you could share a hotel room with any band tonight who would you choose?
Ace Frehley. I’d like to get him drunk and make him tell us jokes. I hear he’s quite a funny guy.

The Wildhearts – Ginger and Scott
Download #loads
What’s been your best Download Festival 2008 experience so far?
Scott: Rob Halford.
Ginger: Yeah, Scott enjoyed Rob Halford. He screamed, then he talked, then he continued to scream. Otherwise, seeing the Wildhearts tshirts out already. It’s great seeing them so early.
If you could share a hotel room with any band tonight who would you choose?
Ginger: Get Girls Aloud on the bill. No? Get Rammstein on the bill then. They would be the best headliner of Download if they played.

Johnny Truant – Ollie Mitchell
Download #3
What’s been your most memorable Download Festival 2008 experience so far?
Someone tried to break into our van last night while we were sleeping in it – a girl. We chased her off with a belt. We’re still here and haven’t had anything stolen. We’re pretty stoked that it’s our third Download and we’re one of those bands that keeps getting asked back.
If you could share a hotel room with any band tonight who would you choose?
I’d choose Biffy Clyro. They’re seem like rad dudes and they party. They’re from the same soil.

The Ghost Of A Thousand – Memby Jago
Download #4
What’s been your best Download Festival 2008 experience of the day?
I vomited last night. Today I’ve been walking around all the campsites because I didn’t know where I was going. I saw Madina Lake today. The hair was good. The drummer had a special needs moment when he grabbed his head and just started wiggling about!

Kids In Glass Houses – Shay
Download #2
What’s been your best Download Festival 2008 experience of the day?
I’ve only been here an hour. It’s all changed around but it’s all good. At the moment we’re much more concerned with the alcohol situation.
If you could share a hotel room with any band tonight who would you choose?
It would have to be Incubus for Brandon Boyd! He’s a good-looking boy with the voice of an angel.

Skindred – Benji
Download #3
How’s Download Festival 2008 been for you so far?
This is some scary weather man. Here’s the sun! Here’s the rain! What’s going to happen?
If you could share a hotel room with any band tonight who would you choose?
Seether. I know they’re good guys and have a lot of fun. They know when to start and they know when to stop.

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