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Theatre of Tragedy was a metal band, originally assembled in 1993 in Stavanger, Norway by Hein Frode Hansen, Raymond István Rohonyi and Lorentz Aspen, together with Tommy Lindal, Pål Bjastad, and Liv Kristine.

Their earlier albums have provided a great deal of influence to the gothic metal genre. The band was one of the first ones who made use of contrasting vocals - male bass vocals and death growls and female soprano singing.

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Album: Theatre of Tragedy – Forever Is The World

September 18th, 2009

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Theatre of Tragedy
Forever Is The World
AFM Records
21 September 2009

by Jon Kerr

Norway’s Theatre of Tragedy have made a sizeable contribution to the Scandanavian Goth scene. Their first few albums (Theatre of Tragedy, Velvet Darkness They Fear) have received more than a few nods of appreciation over the years. Even the electro-pop Assembly, released in 2002, was seen as a positive step. But do they still have something to offer?

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